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Tips Of The Trade

Here at Sunny Gardens, we want your gardens to be the best they can be.  So here are a few tips of the trade to help get you started with some of the basics. 

Basic Flower Bed Building

Begin with choosing what type of bed works best for you whether it be a raised bed or one that's built into your landscape.  Whatever you choose begins from the ground up.  Start by removing all of the weeds or grass in the area.  In a raised bed you may want to lay down a covering such as ground cloth or recycled cardboard, this will keep the weeds down. Next, lay a few inches of top soil and then add a layer of high nutrient soil that will help feed your garden throughout the season.  We recommend our Organic, Coast of Maine, Raised Bed Mix.

Feeding Your Plants


It is just as important to feed your plants as it is to water them.  Keeping them fertilized with organic solutions is going to keep them strong and healthy throughout the season.  Whether it is for your containers, flower patch or veggie garden using the proper formulas is key to your gardening success. We carry a full line of organic fertilizers in both pellet and liquid forms.  To protect from pests and disease we carry organic sprays to keep your garden looking fresh all season long. We also have a variety of deer and animal repellents as well.

Plant a Veggie Patch

Spend some time locating the best spot before planting a veggie garden. If you plan on growing tomatoes or other crops that need full sun, look for the sunniest spot. If you’re planning to grow an herb that can tolerate some shade, make note of the partially shaded areas.  Cole crops like kale, cabbage, and lettuce can be planted in April but you want to hold off on peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini until mid-May.  Also, try planting different varieties because they will have different fruit-bearing times and you will have a constant influx of homegrown goodness.

Container Gardening


It all starts with a beautiful flower pot and some great container mix.  Choose a soil such as our Fafard Organic Potting Mix or their Ultra Container Mix which contains time-released fertilizer and water-wise, to give your flowers the best start.  Then when making flower choices the keywords you need to remember are thrillers, spillers, and fillers.  Begin with your thriller, a taller focal point that will draw visual attention to your container. Then choose a cascading plant that will spill out over the edge of your container.  Lastly, a plant that will fill out your flower pot.  And there you have it, a show-stopping container filled with all of your favorites.  For your convenience, we also offer in-house container planting services.


Adding house plants to your home decor is not just aesthetically pleasing but can also clean your air by removing contaminants and releasing fresh, clean oxygen. We carry a nice variety of potted and hanging plants to choose from and a great selection of succulents. We have a wide variety of ceramic pottery from farmhouse to modern to suit your personal style.

Outdoor Art​


Consider adding a water feature like a fountain or a birdbath the sound is soothing and the birds will love it.  Or maybe add some garden sculptures we carry Mazzarelli concrete sculptures in a variety of sizes and finishes.  We also stock a wide variety of metal sculptures including kinetic birds and spinners and of course a nice selection of pottery. 

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